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The Out Of Bondage Music Radio Show was born in 2012 as the offspring of a video series called  "The Living Out Of Bondage TV Show".  The show was created by host  Silivea Johnson, who today is best known by her listeners as “Silivea J”.  Silivea J was inspired to expand her music recording label into an extended ministry of music.  As a singer, songwriter, and recording artist, Silivea J found her passion in creating and sharing the music of others to promote hope and healing through it.  Her professional experience and musical repertoire ranges from Christian and Gospel to Jazz and Classical .  

Today the Out Of Bondage Music Radio Show is a weekly faith based musical syndication, broadcasting in three USA markets, on both traditional and internet radio outlets. It  highlights music, ministries, and lifestyles that "help bring people out of bondage, and into the marvelous light of Christ", which is also the show's tagline.  Along with popular faith based music, the show features interviews and segments blended with various styles of the faith genre, and positively engages people of all ages and backgrounds. The format plays anything from Traditional Gospel music to Christian Rap.  

The Out Of Bondage Music Radio Show  sets the tone for musical inspiration, motivation, and praise, while offering an outlet for other new artists to be seen and heard. Out Of Bondage Music is committed to creating and promoting positive products to advance the Kingdom Of God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.





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